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Computer trouble got you down? Let PC Smart help!

PC Smart takes pride in providing reliable service to our customers.

Builds new computers.  PC Smart uses the top of the line components, such as Western Digital, ASUS motherboards, and Intel Processors.  Our prices are competitive.  All computers come with a one year warranty on parts.  We transfer data from old computers to new ones FREE.

Upgrades computers.  Let PC Smart rebuild your old computer by moving your drives to a new case, motherboard, Intel processor, and memory.  Now you practically have a new computer. All new parts come with a one year warranty.  

Services and repairs.  PC Smart repairs all PC computers.  If you need a larger hard drive, or add a DVD Burner, or some other component, we can do it.  Viruses, spyware, adware and malware are rampant and we have fixed many computers with this invasion, as well as protected them from future problems.  Reloading operating systems damaged by viruses is also a major service. 

The PC SMART computer is built according to your needs. Components are bought locally, so most repairs are done within 24 hours, sometimes the same day! 


Mary Lynne is also an independent distributor for Shaklee. After many years of using their wonderful products, she made the decision to help others make smarter choices for a healthier future.

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